About Me

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My name is Brian Eve. I am an English teacher with a great deal of experience teaching classes online. My background in music education, the military, and my graduate degree in adult education and training have given me broad experiences that help me connect with people – an important skill for a private teacher.

Teaching online gives me the opportunity to meet and talk to many different people while helping them achieve fluency in English. I think it is important to always strive for improvement. I enjoy seeking out opportunities for myself to learn and seek professional development.

For more than two years I have put my abilities to work teaching online English classes to thousands of students in China. Most recently I have begun working with another Chinese company teaching exclusively adult students.

The ability to work from home helps me keep my work/life balance in check. This has allowed me to follow my wife to Spain so she can pursue her career. It also affords me the opportunity to enjoy my hobbies of travel, hiking, swimming, and especially hand-tool woodworking.

I am currently focusing my efforts on my private students through this website in order to transition away from dependence on language companies who can be a little impersonal to clients. The opportunity to spend time developing custom learning plans for my own students is ideal for me.